Maps Of War

Maps of War is an educational website where one can explore the history of the world as it plays out in quick moving presentations of colorful maps and timelines.

I cannot vouch for the site’s accuracy but it is absolutely fascinating to watch the history of wars over long periods of time.

As the creator of the site says:

“Each map is well-researched and based in fact, and none of the work is meant to be biased or political. No spin or opinion, just fact-based conclusions about the history of war.”

“It’s all about the ‘Big Picture’ of history, not measured in years, but in centuries.”

The presentation about religion is quite amazing, but they are all worth checking out.

See 5,000 years of religion in 90 seconds.

See 5,000 years of Middle East history in 90 seconds.

See 4,000 years of democracy in 90 seconds.

(Thanks Billie)

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  1. varices Says:

    thanks for sharing this, it is great to see in 90 seconds(it depends of speed internet connection) the history of religion and the other well done is the march of democracy this site offer a visual way to understand more easily this facts.

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