Ernst Ludwig Kirchner

Eaters, 1930 by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner

If you are traveling to New York for this weekend’s New York Photo Festival or if you’ll just be in town anytime before June 14th, I would definitely recommend checking out The Unexpected New: Late Paintings of Ernst Ludwig Kirchner now on view at Michael Werner Gallery.

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner has always been one of my favorite painters and printmakers. He is best known for his colorful and expressionistic paintings of crowded Berlin street scenes.

The current exhibition highlights about 20 paintings Kirchner made while recovering from a nervous breakdown and living in Davos, Switzerland beginning in the 1920’s through the mid 1930’s.

Kirchner’s aesthetic language in this late work feels quite different from the earlier Berlin scenes. The paintings feel less aggressively painted with flatter shapes of paint applied directly to the canvas, but with brighter more exaggerated color.

Two Nudes In The Forest, 1927-29 by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner

The colors are really quite extraordinary and don’t quite come across as well online as they do in person. Overall it’s a surprising and beautiful exhibition definitely worth seeing especially if you’re a fan of great painting.

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