Picasso's Guernica in 3-D

still from Guernica in 3-D by Lina Gieseke

I’m not exactly sure how I feel about this as a unique work of art (not even sure if that’s the right question) but Lena Gieseke’s 3-D rendering of Picasso’s Guernica is pretty mesmerizing to see. The piece allows for a deep exploration of Guernica in ways never imagined before.

Guernica in 3-D by Lina Gieseke

As the artist says in her statement:

“My primary intention for the project was to create a provoking and deep contemplation of Pablo Picasso’s Guernica. Is my model a true reconstruction of the Picasso’s painting, or is it merely a rough re-visualization? Is it still Picasso’s art or has it, through my addition of third dimension, become something completely different? It is not my place to answer those questions nor to determine the relationship between my three-dimensional reproduction and the original painting. Perhaps this is a question best left in the hands of critics.”

For some reason I’m now thinking about this kind of work in relation to photographers making “art” out of architecture (much of which is a work in it’s own right).

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  1. Audrey Phillips Says:

    I use both Picassa and Flickr for sharing photos over the internet but i use Flickr more often than Picassa.;~~

  2. Christian Adams of Purity Rings Says:

    The work of Picasso, Guernica, was made out from the Spanish civil war. Every painter base their works from what they see and what they feel.
    Everything that occurred in their era could be tragic.

    Having the idea of doing this work of art is cool. Every single details as we can see, could be noticed. Those people who were involved in the civil war—their bravery was seen.

    It is a nice idea to create a 3-dimensional version of this painting. It deeply exemplifies the meaning behind this painting.

    Christian Adams
    Blog Owner

  3. Christian Adams of Purity Rings Says:

    Every works of Pablo Picasso are so wonderful. They are never fading, and many people admire him for being such a good painter.

    Having a 3-D of every paintings could make it more livelier. It gives more meaning to it.
    Every paintings has to be given life. Coz, that’s what make an art a reality.

    Christian Adams
    Blog Owner

  4. Jimmy Sorenson Says:

    The idea of creating a 3-D version of the Guernica painting has resulted fruitful. The 3-D picture looks amazing and talking about Pablo Picasso’s paintings, it’s a great piece of artwork.

    Jimmy Sorenson
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  5. Johnzephjo Says:

    Great Attempt. The 3D look Amazing

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