Photograph #9

Untitled, Brimfield, MA, 2008

To request the above photograph:

Send an email (subject: photograph #9) to horses [at] with your name and address.

If you are the ninth person to respond after the posting, you will receive the photograph in the mail.

* This photograph is no longer available.

3 Responses to “Photograph #9”

  1. Jen Bekman Says:

    This is great! And of course, I am a fan of the project overall as well, and your blog too.

  2. Melanie Flood Says:

    I meant to thank you in a more timely fashion, but nonetheless, thanks for this photograph; it makes me smile.

  3. Alexander Says:

    Wirklich ein toller Blog, werde bestimmt noch das ein oder andere mal hier vorbeischauen! Deine Posts sind auch echt spitze! Lieben Gruss

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