Paul Graham – A Shimmer Of Possibility

I only spent a few days in Paris at the tail end of my journey.

Having just missed Man Ray at La Pinacothèque and Alec Soth at Jeu de Paume (get ready for the Avedon Retrospective up next), I searched through the current issue of Pariscope to discover what exciting shows were left to be seen. Pariscope is such an amazing resource for film, theater, art and music listings that it makes Time Out and The Village Voice read like toilet paper.

I caught Paul Graham’s A Shimmer of Possibility exhibition at Galerie Les Filles du Calvaire. I had to cross a huge Communist Party parade to find the gallery but it was worth the effort.

Installation view of A Shimmer of Possibility

I was very curious to see how the project would translate onto the wall considering how well organized the photographs are in the collection of books he published earlier this year.

Not all the groupings from the books are on display but there’s enough to get a good sense of the overall feel of the project. As I’ve only spent a short amount of time looking at the books, it would be hard to make a direct comparison but I found many of the images to be more immediately engaging on the wall than when I saw them in the books.

I also found myself wondering about Graham’s method for capturing these images, are these hand held images captured on the fly with a digital point ‘n shoot as he was walking down the city street?

Not that it really makes a difference as the final result is what matters most, but I almost felt like he could have shot most of the exhibition in a single day. The photographs have a studied yet fleeting sensibility to them while at the same time there are multiple images of a single subject shown over (what appears to be) a brief span of time.

Take the virtual tour at La Fabrica Galeria to get a better idea of how the exhibition in Paris was installed.

I think it would be wonderful if a museum or a gallery like Gagosian or Zwirner could devote enough space to an exhibition of the entire project as a whole, it’s probably the only way to do complete justice to the series as represented in the books.

Paul Graham’s A Shimmer of Possibility closes today so if you are in Paris reading this right now, you’ve only got a few hours left to catch it.

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