The Million Dollar Kid

This is very old news, but I only just found out about this 21 year old English guy who sold one million pixels of advertising space on his website for $1 each. The site is called Million Dollar Homepage and it’s a ridiculously simple yet brilliant concept.

Someone should come up with a similar idea that relates to photography.

I was really struck by the image of what the actual page of ads really looks like. What an absolute overload of information.

Read the full story here.

3 Responses to “The Million Dollar Kid”

  1. Michal Daniel Says:

    Someone did come up with a similar idea that relates to photography. I’m one of the participants:

  2. Steve Says:

    This was simple genius at its finest. The idea to sell space online for advertising is amusing in itself because the space is essentially nonexistent. Then, to trump that by selling it increments that are equally nonexistent, just makes it that much better of an idea. The concept is a terrific idea, but also makes you think what all will people willingly spend money on these days? Selling make believe space in nonsensical measurements may be the best idea I’ve heard of in a long time.

  3. nina Says:


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