Brad Troemel, Ball In Cup, 2009

Jogging is the new and replacement site for Brad Troemel’s old site.

Troemel obviously has more ideas coming into his head than most people would know what to do with. It’s a bit like a diarrhea of the mind. The thing is that most of his ideas, projects, proposals or videos are pretty insane and fantastic.

I’m not sure why it’s called Jogging except that maybe Troemel likes to think of this site and the ideas he puts up on it, as a form of exercise. The only other information posted to the site is an email address and a strange warning:


Definitely subscribe to his RSS and wake up to a new batch of work almost every morning.


6 Responses to “Jogging”

  1. Rondell Jenkins Says:

    How throwing a ball in a cup art? My dog Scoots start my coffee pot every monring for me at 7:10 AM on that dot! But ain’t no museum offering him no show!

  2. Sean Says:

    Maybe Scoots needs to look into sending some info to a museum – they don’t come to you!

  3. 纯水设备 Says:

    I’ll say!

  4. patrick romero Says:

    Scoots needs an artist’s statement

  5. pbs Says:

    ah, he’s clever. makes very cute things, you know, art school style.

    narcissistic, but in a boring way.

    in the end, this is much better art–along the lines of what he is attempting to do:

    “Squirrel Hijacks Vacation Photo”

  6. Rondell Jenkins Says:

    Oh PBS you 2 crayzee! I love that squirrel photo they was showing up on the good morning americas! Like they say, he just a squirrel in this world trying to get a nut. And a picture 2! Kyah kyah!

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