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Working with Warhol

October 30, 2009

popupAndy Warhol, Self-Portrait, 1965

The above Self-Portrait by Andy Warhol is scheduled to be sold at auction this November at Sotheby’s. Warhol gave it as a gift to a high school girl who was a secretary at the Factory.

I can’t imagine working for Warhol while I was in high school, it must have been one surreal and crazy experience.

Read the whole story at The Times.

All the Days and Nights

October 29, 2009

107_my father outside his bedroom_2005-1Doug DuBois, My Father Outside His Bedroom, Bridgeville, PA, 2005

If you haven’t yet familiarized yourself with Doug Dubois’ All the Days and Nights, a powerful body of work made over the past twenty years, now is your chance to get close and personal as his exhibition opens tonight at Higher Pictures.

Definitely an exhibition not to be missed.

Urs Fischer's Grandmother makes Genius Cakes

October 29, 2009

“People seem to fear art. Art has always been a word for this thing that cannot be rationalized when you see or hear something that you struggle to explain. But that’s its strength, of course; that’s what the word art is for. For example, I’m reading about Caspar David Friedrich. In the essays, there are many ideas and interpretations about Friedrich’s intentions, trying to personify him, and his ideas and politics. This might all be true to some degree and have actually factored into his decisions, but even he doesn’t know why it’s good. You see, there are so many people trying to explain how a certain piece is interesting, and it’s so limiting––it’s crazy. An artwork is shrunk down to two or three sentences. It’s like you were to say: “This is my grandfather, and he likes leather shoes,” or: “This is my grandmother, she makes really genius cakes.” I think art is like people: you cannot reduce them to a couple of sentences. It is much more complex, much richer.”

Urs Fischer, in an interview with Massimiliano Gioni, the curator of Fischer’s current exhibition at The New Museum.

Deutsche Börse Photography Prize 2010

October 29, 2009

Sophie-Ristelhueber-Fait_4Sophie Ristelhueber, Fait No 20, 1992

The Deutsche Börse Photography Prize nominees for 2010 have been announced.

Anna Fox, Zoe Leonard, Sophie Ristelhueber and Donovan Wylie have been selected and the winner will be announced on Wednesday, March 17, 2010.

Not living in Europe where all of the work, exhibitions and books are chosen from, the selection is always a complete surprise. Not necessarily a bad thing.

Roy DeCarava, 1919-2009

October 29, 2009

roydecaravaRoy DeCarava, Self-Portrait, 1956

More about the man and his powerful body of work over at the Times.


October 27, 2009

The first person to guess what book the previous page of text (in the previous post) comes from will get something in the mail.

Post your guess in the comments below and make sure to use a working email address.

Photographic: 19-09

October 26, 2009


To request the above photograph:

Send an email (subject: Photographic: 19-09) to horses [at] with your name and mailing address.

If you are the first person to respond after the posting, you will receive the photograph in the mail.

*This photograph is no longer available.

Thrift Find: Fragments

October 24, 2009


I have started a collection of little (these are tiny) old photo fragments.

Most photographs reveal very little information to the viewer but with a tiny fragment, even less is known.

Anish Kapoor – Memory

October 23, 2009


Memory, an installation and sculpture by Anish Kapoor from 2008 is at the Guggenheim right now.

From the photographic documentation alone, it is sure to astound and is definitely not to be missed.

Hitchcock & Snyder

October 16, 2009

For some strange reason I used to like watching Tom Snyder when I was growing up.

So this video of Hitchcock being interviewed by Snyder in 1973 is quite classic. Hitchcock is very forthcoming, candid and just so fascinating to watch.

There are six parts, so make sure to see them all.