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A Seagull

June 29, 2011


The Sun As Error Bootleg

June 23, 2011

I have no clue if the original book, The Sun As Error, by Shannon Ebner is out of print but there is now a bootleg version being sold at Printed Matter.

The bootleg is closer to pocket size, almost like a paperback novel and printed on cheap newsprint. Somehow I think it works equally well compared to the larger hardcover version.

Get your copy here.

Kind of Screwed

June 23, 2011

“In February 2010, I was contacted by attorneys representing famed New York photographer Jay Maisel, the photographer who shot the original photo of Miles Davis used for the cover of Kind of Blue.

In their demand letter, they alleged that I was infringing on Maisel’s copyright by using the illustration on the album and elsewhere, as well as using the original cover in a “thank you” video I made for the album’s release. In compensation, they were seeking “either statutory damages up to $150,000 for each infringement at the jury’s discretion and reasonable attorneys fees or actual damages and all profits attributed to the unlicensed use of his photograph, and $25,000 for Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) violations.”

Andy Baio writing about getting screwed by Jay Maisel.

Not much to say here, I think Andy’s post speaks for itself.


A Dangerous Method

June 23, 2011

The latest film from David Cronenberg.

Dirty Beaches

June 22, 2011

Been listening to Dirty Beaches all day. Especially his latest album Badlands.

It’s a total throwback but feels like today.

Control Freak Genius

June 21, 2011


Still Reading Flusser

June 15, 2011

“People taking snaps are distinguishable from photographers by the pleasure they take in the structural complexity of their plaything. Unlike photographers and chess-players they do not look for ‘new moves’, for information, for the improbable, but wish to make their functioning simpler and simpler by means of more and more perfect automation. Though impenetrable to them, the automaticity of the camera intoxicates them. Amateur photographers’ clubs are places where one gets high on the structural complexities of cameras, where one goes on a photograph-trip – post-industrial opium dens.”

-Vilém Flusser, Towards a Philosophy of Photography

You can also read the entire essay over at A Photo Student but in a slightly different translation.


June 14, 2011

Finally caught a screening of Werner Herzog’s Cave of Forgotten Dreams in 3D last night. Definitely worth seeing and fascinating, even if a bit long.

Then this morning, while flipping through the Sunday Times Magazine, came across an article by Sam Anderson called Entering Darkness which discusses our relationship to caves through time and makes a connection between the pre-historic caves in France and Osama Bin Laden.

All this had me thinking about Alec Soth’s Broken Manual and some of the cave images from that project specifically and of course to the recent documentary about Soth.

Alec Soth, from Broken Manual

In the film, we watch as Soth finds and enters an abandoned cave-like shelter embedded into a mountain façade. It’s an amazing moment and definitely relates to what Anderson is writing about in the Times article.

Soth, as I’m sure we would all be, is like a kid in a candy store, having found the mother load and uncovered evidence of a life lived in some unknowable past.

Jason Polan: Living and Working

June 8, 2011

Jason Polan, the ambitious mind who is still drawing Every Person in New York, is about to be Living and Working full-time for a month at the Nicholas Robinson Gallery in New York starting tomorrow.

From the Press Release:

“I will be in the space working for the first month of the exhibition. I will go home to sleep, but will try to spend the entire time the gallery is open in the space. I will have a desk I will work from as well as a tabletop copy machine to make works and new small editions of books as the show progresses. I will have the materials around me that I like to make work with. I will make drawings, paintings, sculptures, books, and more while I am in the space. I will talk to visitors (if they would like to) and their presence will affect the exhibition in different ways. I want to have a couch in the space. I want it to be an inviting environment. I will produce work for a period of time before the opening of the exhibition and will continue to produce work after the opening. The art show will be different every day.
While in the space, I will work from a desk. People will be invited back to the exhibition to see how it changes. There will be a bookstore/shop offering self-published books and other small constructions and sculptures.
I think a lot about availability, about how the artist is usually separated from the viewer and in this exhibition I will be there. I will have conversations with the people who attend the exhibition. They will be affecting the art.”

As part of the exhibition, Jason has been posting daily cumulative drawings to another new blog, Things I Saw Today. Check it out.

2nd Annual New York Zine Fair

June 8, 2011

You have until July 9th, 2011 to submit your book or zine to the Camera Club of New York.