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Kevin Cooley – Remote Nation

August 24, 2011


Kevin Cooley, whose photographs you might know, has launched an ambitious public art project titled Remote Nation.

From the press release:

Remote Nation is a public art installation in which the inhabitants of an entire high-rise apartment building appear to watch the same television station simultaneously. Viewers outside of the building are presented with an orchestrated display of the ambient televised light which appears to be organic, pulsing, breathing and changing color reminiscent of aurora borealis. From the outside looking in, the viewer becomes a voyeur to these individual electronic campfires, as a witness of the collective solitude of a remote, tv-watching nation.

Remote Nation is viewable every night from the new section of the elevated High Line Park north of West 23rd Street, and at street level on West 24th and 25th Streets, just west of 10th Avenue, until September 24th, 2011.

Don’t miss it.

For further information go to the project website

Chris Burden – Metropolis II

August 5, 2011

David Zwirner's Annual Summer Pop-Up Bookstore

August 1, 2011

David Zwirner’s Annual Summer Pop-Up Bookstore is underway in Chelsea and continues through August 5th.

There are many worthwhile books to be had at discount prices but my favorite item is being given away for free; It’s a beautiful poster for Christopher Williams’ most recent exhibition at the gallery.

Get one while supplies last.

Bernard Herrmann Centenary Celebration

August 1, 2011

If you missed out on the festivities surrounding the Bernard Herrmann centennial celebration, you can catch up by listening to the four-part series presented by David Garland on Movies on the Radio.

Part 1: The Early Years

Part II: Hitchcock and Herrmann

Part III: Fantasy, Adventure and Sci-Fi

Part IV: Lyricism and Later Works

Herrmann was a brilliant composer who is best known for his cinematic collaborations with Orson Welles, Alfred Hitchcock, Brian DePalma and Martin Scorsese just to name a few but there is much more to his oeuvre including his memorable work in radio and television.

If you don’t know his music, now’s your chance to play catch up.