Kevin Cooley – Remote Nation


Kevin Cooley, whose photographs you might know, has launched an ambitious public art project titled Remote Nation.

From the press release:

Remote Nation is a public art installation in which the inhabitants of an entire high-rise apartment building appear to watch the same television station simultaneously. Viewers outside of the building are presented with an orchestrated display of the ambient televised light which appears to be organic, pulsing, breathing and changing color reminiscent of aurora borealis. From the outside looking in, the viewer becomes a voyeur to these individual electronic campfires, as a witness of the collective solitude of a remote, tv-watching nation.

Remote Nation is viewable every night from the new section of the elevated High Line Park north of West 23rd Street, and at street level on West 24th and 25th Streets, just west of 10th Avenue, until September 24th, 2011.

Don’t miss it.

For further information go to the project website


2 Responses to “Kevin Cooley – Remote Nation”

  1. jessica Says:

    Hmmm. that sounds familiar. Probably because Canadian artist Kelly Mark has been doing public art installations of nearly the same for well over a decade under the title Glow House. .

  2. Buster Says:

    Thanks for the link Jessica. As far as I know, Cooley has been working on various incarnations of Remote Nation since 1999. I saw an earlier installation of the project using a building on Bleecker Street around that time.

    Also, I think it’s worth noting the differences between the two projects in that Cooley’s project is always installed in an apartment building where there are multiple dwellers in different apartments all “tuned in” to the same channel.

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