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John Maus – We Must Become the Pitiless Censors of Ourselves

April 27, 2012

John Maus’ strange, funny and somewhat disturbing album came out almost a year ago already but I still find myself listening to it which is quite rare these days.

Surprisingly, you can still stream it here.


Shannon Ebner – Language Is Wild

April 12, 2012


Take a look at Shannon Ebner’s online project for Dia, Language Is Wild.

Richard Prince Went To The Biennial

April 10, 2012

“After lunch I went over to the Whitney. For some reason I wanted to see the biennial. I’m not sure why. Before checking it out I went up to the fifth floor. That’s where they hang work that’s in the permanent collection. I’m glad I did. There was gorgeous late fifties Lee Krasner painting hanging in a room of it’s own. After staring, I walked down to the fourth floor and it looked like people were exercising on a huge black rubber matt that took up the entire floor. There were maybe fifteen people following the commands of a woman who was talking into a microphone… telling the fifteen people what to do. I think the fifteen people following the commands were people who had walked off the street. They kind of just “joined in”. I’ve heard this type of activity in the art world is called “relational aesthetics”… or something like that… It felt like I was interrupting the “relation”. I quickly got out of there. I walked down to the third floor and in the back there was a room filled with an artist’s junk. There seems to be a room filled with an aritst’s junk in every biennial I’ve ever been to. I’m not sure why this artist’s junk was there. I walked around the corner and there were fifty Dana Shultz paintings on the wall. At least I think they were Shultz’s paintings. (I walked by pretty fast). I skipped the second floor and went down to the lobby. What happened to the bookstore? There was none. There were some catalogues thrown out on tables that looked “remaindered”… what was there looked like a bake sale. I walked out of the Whitney having spent less than twenty minutes… fifteen of those standing in front of the Krasner.”

-From Richard Prince’s online diary entry dated 3/25/2012

It seems that Richard Prince is keeping a diary and publishing it online.

It’s actually very funny and quite entertaining.

Visitor – Billboard

April 10, 2012

If you are in the Philadelphia area during the next few weeks, a billboard has been installed in connection with my participation in Of The Ordinary at PPAC.

The billboard is located at the intersection of Oxford Street and 2nd Street through the end of the month. Please drive by and take a look if you have a chance.

James Benning's Cabins

April 2, 2012

Henry David Thoreau Cabin, constructed July 2007–January 2008.

“My intension is not to exploit, but rather to show how complex Kaczynski’s thinking is. I believe his warnings are just. Of course I find his methods wrong, but then again I pay taxes, which have been used to kill lots of innocent people over the past fifty years, so I guess I’m not so innocent myself.”

James Benning