Too Big To Fail

“I want to do something Big. To do something Big does not mean to do something monumental or gigantic. If something is Big, it’s because it needs to be Big. One must understand that necessity as such or within its own logic. That’s why, when making things Big, I do it myself, with my own hands, with my own materials, with my own visual vocabulary and with my own work. I do it in order to avoid the “Blow-Up” effect and I do it to avoid falling into the trap of “Pumping the Size.” I want to do a Big work to show that the saying “Too Big to Fail” no longer makes any sense. On the contrary, when something is Too Big, it must Fail – this is what I want to give Form to. I want to understand this as a logic and this is the Form! This is what I want to explore, it is the grounding of my new work “Concordia, Concordia.” “Concordia, Concordia” brings back to mind the disastrous wreck of the cruise ship Costa Concordia and the images of the immersed ship in its confusing architecture. The flooded casino of consumption stands for evidence: the evidence of a coming disaster and the evidence of an announced failure. This is “Concordia, Concordia.”

-Excerpt from Thomas Hirschhorn’s press release for his current exhibition at Gladstone Gallery.

Don’t miss this installation, probably the most memorable exhibition on this list.

Thomas Hirschhorn’s “Concordia, Concordia” is on view at the Gladstone Gallery (530 West 21st Street) through October 20, 2012.

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  1. Dillon Says:

    When things are too big they must fail unless you are Google. I like the post though and feel a lot of truth to it.

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