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Virtual Collection #1

June 23, 2009

hiroh_kikai_rabbitA woman living by herself and her pet, 1974 by Hiroh Kikai

I’m starting my own art collection, albeit a virtual one. I will virtually purchase art that I would really want to own if I had the money.

The above photograph by Hiroh Kikai is a real standout from the current exhibition he has up in New York right now and although it’s not typical of his other portrait work, I still can’t help but want to have it. In this instance I would probably splurge for one of his more traditional portraits as well.

The photograph is first and foremost a strange and somewhat mysterious portrait of woman and her pet rabbit. It’s gorgeously printed and the tonal range is just magical in the way that it gives an otherworldly feeling to the image.

Another reason I would take this photograph home is that I already have a mini collection of rabbit photographs and this would certainly make a nice addition.